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Lee Collins, Yeovil Town captain, dies aged 32

The Yeovil Town captain, Lee Collins, has died at the age of 32, the Vanarama National League club have announced. Collins began his career at Wolves and the defender also

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For chronic kidney disease, an ounce of prevention can be economical

With a prevalence of about one in 10 people worldwide, chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a global health problem. It also often goes undetected, leading to a range of negative

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Suez Canal debacle shows value of Northern Sea Route, Russia says

Russia’s energy ministry said on Monday a stranded container ship blocking Egypt’s Suez Canal has highlighted the safety and sustainability of its Northern Sea Route (NSR) and Russian energy pipelines.

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Intel’s Core i7-11700K has already been reduced, 10th-gen parts now even cheaper

Intel’s Rocket Lake desktop chips only arrived a week ago, yet one of the processors has already seen a slight price reduction. The Core i7-11700K, which was $420, is now

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Particle Mystery Deepens As ‘Strong’ New Evidence Hints at ‘5th’ Force in Nature

Like the four cardinal elements of yore, or the four cardinal directions, there are also four forces of nature—the ones which cause particles to move in different ways, like gravity

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