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Utah Jazz feared ‘this might be the end’ after plane engine caught fire

The Utah Jazz have spoken of the fear they experienced when a bird strike on their plane caused an engine fire and forced an emergency landing. The incident happened on

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Improving the interpretation of spinal cord magnetic resonance images

A group of researchers with the Joint Research Unit of Biomedical Image of the Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Biomedical Research of Valencia Region (Fisabio) and the Príncipe

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Traffic in Suez Canal resumes after stranded ship refloated

Shipping was on the move again late on Monday in Egypt’s Suez Canal after tugs refloated a giant container ship which had been blocking the channel for almost a week,

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Biden to meet with Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger to discuss semiconductor supply chain issues

The Biden administration’s continuing attempts to address the semiconductor shortage problem will take another step next week when the president meets executives from top chipmakers and automakers, including Intel CEO

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Mind-Bending Pictures of the Moon With Inverted Colors Show Where Magma Once Flowed

This mind-bending picture of the Moon with inverted colours shows where it once flowed with magma. His reason for doing so? “Our eyes are quite incredible, but sometimes it’s cool

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